The Coditum Teaching Certification

A Mark of Excellence

Boost your academic resume and professional future as you embark on a transformative journey, blending coding expertise with leadership and global outreach.

Discover the steps to obtain your certification and reap the rewards.


Master the Coditum Core

Master these concepts thoroughly and confidently by studying with us or any other coding education provider, equivalent to the content covered in the Advanced Placement Computer Science A course.

Volunteer Teaching

Complete 30 Hours

Hone your skills while making a difference when you tutor students from underserved communities through our partner TeachForth. We will connect you with a student or program to begin this meaningful experience. Complete these hours at your pace and on your schedule.

Pass the Coditum Teaching Exam

Successfully pass our challenging teaching examination, where you will tackle your specially assigned problems, providing explanations and instruction to one of our proctors who will assess your performance.

Stand Out

  • Industry Recognition: Gain acknowledgment from peers and employers in the tech field.

  • Skill Verification: Prove your proficiency and hands-on experience.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of certified professionals.

  • Boosted Confidence: Validate your knowledge and skills in the subject matter.

  • Personal Achievement: Mark a significant milestone in your learning journey.

  • Competitive Edge: Stand out in job applications and interviews.


Join our Network

Become a member of our exclusive directory of certified instructors and gain customers and employment opportunities through Coditum’s marketing and partnerships.

Build Your Brand

Obtain your verified CTC landing page and booking platform from our partner and begin your journey as a freelancing tutor and instructor.

Gain Employment

Gain your own customers and open yourself to jobs, internships, and employment opportunities through Coditum’s exclusive networking efforts and reputation.

Enhance your CV

Sparkle your resume with noteworthy accomplishments and volunteer experience as you prepare for college admission, aiming for acceptance into competitive Computer Science programs.

Apply Today

Coditum is accepting a limited number of applications for the 2023-2024 season. Please request an invitation here.