Our Mission

Coditum is dedicated to nurturing the future of tech by equipping middle and high school students with both the technical prowess and interpersonal skills vital for thriving in the modern workforce.

Steven Fink

Steven Fink, an innovative educator and entrepreneur, has been at the forefront of tech education for over two decades. In 2002, he founded SummerTech, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to nurturing the next generation of tech enthusiasts. His passion for education didn't stop there. In 2014, he co-founded Coditum, a platform that has since become synonymous with excellence in tech learning. Marking a new chapter in his commitment to education, Steven launched TeachForth in 2023, further solidifying his position as a pioneer in the realm of technological instruction. His endeavors collectively underscore his unwavering commitment to fostering tech literacy and empowering students of all ages.

Ryan Heaton

Ryan Heaton, a prodigious talent in the world of technology, co-founded Coditum, a platform revered for its cutting-edge tech education. Currently a junior at the prestigious Dartmouth College, Ryan's academic pursuits are matched only by his hands-on expertise as a developer. With a keen focus on artificial intelligence, he stands at the vanguard of AI advancements, melding theoretical knowledge with practical innovations. His academic brilliance at Dartmouth, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit at Coditum, positions Ryan as a rising star in the ever-evolving tech landscape.