Rising CS Majors

Designed for Middle and High School Students

Coditum sharpens your coding skills and develops your leadership qualities to prepare you for college, internships, and employment.

Increase your self-assurance and communication skills, making you stand out from the crowd. Equip yourself with our essential toolkit and take your computer science studies to the next level.

Three Ways to Get Started



Discover Your Future in Computer Science with our Five-Class Coding
Starter Package for $299!

We will match you with an expert coding teacher who will take you through foundational concepts and programs to help you discover if computer science is the right path for you. Click below to get started!


  • Choose Python or Java: We will help you make the right choice
  • First Steps into Coding: Grasp the fundamentals and get comfortable with coding’s building blocks.
  • Master the IDE: Familiarize yourself with Integrated Development Environments, where all the coding magic happens.
  • The Power of I/O: Unlock the secrets of Input and Output operations, and learn how computers communicate.
  • Variables Unleashed: Dive deep into the world of data, understanding how to store, retrieve, and manipulate it.
  • Decision-making and Loops: Master the art of conditionals like ‘if-else’ and make your code dance with ‘while’ loops.



Master the concepts in our Coditum Core curriculum and fast-track your success towards becoming a CS major.

Look through our Directory to find an instructor or use Teacher Match and have teachers reach out to you.

*All Coditum Certified Teachers are independent contractors and all transactions are between you and the instructor. Pricing varies per instructor.

What you will learn:

  • Choose Python or Java: We will help you make the choice or you can refer to our article.
  • Comprehensive Coding Journey: Dive deep into a curriculum that mirrors the AP Computer Science standards, ensuring you’re on par with the best.
  • Personal Instructor: Every step of the way, you’ll have your very own certified instructor dedicated to guiding and mentoring you.
  • Tailored Insights: Beyond generic lessons, experience tailored insights and feedback, ensuring mastery at every step.
  • Why Coditum?: We believe in excellence. Not just learning, but mastering the art of coding.
  • Beyond the Core: Learn advanced coding concepts, build complex projects, code anything with your personal instructor.



The Coditum Teaching Certification

Having acquired a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts in coding languages, you’re now ready to embark on your path toward achieving certification. Click below to get started with your application.

Pricing: $1900

What the program entails:

  • Next Step After Core: Having mastered the Coditum Core concepts, it’s time to elevate your journey and strive for the Coditum Teaching Certification.
  • Develop Soft Skills: While learning, you’ll also give back. Hone your soft skills by volunteer teaching for underserved youth, making a real impact.
  • Coditum Teaching Assessment: Showcase your proficiency and pedagogical skills by successfully passing our comprehensive teaching assessment.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Obtain a platform to host your own revenue-generating classes, giving you both financial independence and a chance to curate your own teaching style.
  • Join the Coditum Elite: Upon certification, become an integral part of our network, getting featured in our directory of top-tier, certified teachers.

Our Approach to Your Success



Master the Coditum Core

The Coditum Core curriculum offers an intensive exploration of coding concepts, meticulously aligning with the depth and breadth of the AP Computer Science A curriculum, ensuring students are well-prepared and poised for success.



Teach to Make a Difference

Use this valuable time for community service while honing your coding concepts, developing your confidence, and improving your communication skills as you teach underserved youth worldwide through our non-profit organization, TeachForth.



Certify, Connect, Elevate

Achieve the Coditum Teaching Certification and join our distinguished network of professionals. By enhancing your profile’s visibility, you’ll be ideally positioned for employers and clients actively seeking top-tier talent for their diverse needs.



Build your Brand and Earn

Elevate your professional skills by securing an entrepreneurial booking platform and a CTC-verified landing page. Attract and nurture clientele while generating revenue as an independent freelancer.

Coding Education Challenges & Solutions


Computer Science has the Highest Dropout Rate of all Majors

“The most recent figures available from Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) show that 9.8% of computer science undergraduates dropped out before completing their degree.”

“…almost half (of students) (49%) said they left because they didn’t enjoy it, and 33% said it was too hard.”

Source      Source

Our Solution

Discover the Depth of Computer Science

  • Computer Science is more than just coding
  • Language, Math, Problem Solving
  • Master essential coding concepts
  • Understand the fundamentals of coding
  • Data structures, Mathematics
  • Find community and mentorship in coding education

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Developers Lack Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Confidence
  • Leadership

Knowing how to code may be critical if you’re a software developer, but those skills won’t matter if you can’t do the soft things: work well on a team, lead a project, communicate clearly, and think critically.”

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Our Solution

Teach Others

  • Teaching is a front-facing activity that hones your communication skills
  • Empathize how different students learn in different ways
  • Being accountable for your student’s progress and success builds maturity
  • Get teaching experience when you work towards your Coditum Teaching Certification

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Introducing the

Coditum Teaching Certification

  • The Ultimate Advantage for rising CS Majors
  • Develops Hard Skills in Coding Concept Mastery
  • Develops Valuable Soft Skills Employers Seek
  • Enter Exclusive Network of High Achievers
  • Exposure to Employment and Internships
  • Robust and Effective Coding Curriculum
  • Aligns with AP Comp Sci A Course
  • Linear Approach towards Concept Mastery
  • Comprehensive and Clear
  • The Foundation all Developers Need

The Coditum Core

Certified Teachers

Beyond Coding Skills

Our teachers undergo rigorous training, blending coding expertise with leadership and global outreach. They volunteer-teach worldwide, honing interpersonal skills. Upon certification, they gain an entrepreneurial platform and a spot in our esteemed directory.